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Cheers to another awesome year! Now is the time to show off your skills and make those nails party-ready with bright colors and glitter!

In case you‚Äôre at a loss for ideas, we have a list of some of our favorite new year's nail art with just the right kind of bling for the parties. ūüôĆ Whether you‚Äôre a beginner with a not-so-steady hand, or a pro gifted with fine skills for the perfect finishes, this list has something for everyone!

Pastel Perfection

This is one of the most versatile ideas, suitable for both casual get-togethers and formal parties. ūüíÉ The soft pastel base keeps it simple while the glitter on the center nails adds classy bling to the overall look. Glitties Sonic Silver Custom Mix is perfect to get that eye-catching shimmer.

Streaks of Gold

Red is THE color for this festive season, and nothing compliments it better than some sparkly flecks of gold! Platinum Ice gives that perfect classy finish.

Sparkling Ice

This icy cool nail art goes well with December weather and looks spectacular as well. ūü§©

Mermaid Masterpiece

If you’re a fan of aquatic themes and are up for the challenge this one's for you! Glitties Sonic Silver Custom Mixis perfect for that glitter ombre.

Tips of Gold

Nothing can look too ‚Äėextra‚Äô at a New Year‚Äôs party, including golden, glittery nails. ‚ú®ūüíé‚ú® We love this use of Glitties Gold Rush Custom Mix!

Fireworks Frenzy

No proper new year‚Äôs party is complete without fireworks. ūüéÜūüéáūüéÜ Make your own version of these in your nail art to show off your excitement for new beginnings. Be sure to tag @glittes on instagram with your firework nails for a chance to be featured!

Black & Gold

Black and gold is an effortless combination to look regal. ūüĎĎūüĎłGolden glitter over a black base is a surefire way to impress ūüíĀ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Starry Night

Here‚Äôs a combination of black and silver turning your nails into a starry sky. ūüĆĆYou can rock this one with all kinds of outfits since it doesn‚Äôt clash with other colors and always looks great! Get this look with
Glitties Sonic Silver Custom Mix powder.

Plum & Gold

Look like a queen with this gold and purple combo! Gold: Glitties Gold Rush Purple:
Midnight Purple Mix

Lavender Glam

Silver glitter looks magical with lavender! Here’s a mix of different kinds of nails you can create with Glitties Silver Jewel Squares.

Geometric Art

If your skill level and dedication are on fire this season you can turn your nails into mesmerizing pieces of art like these!! ūü§© ūü§© ūü§©

Here’s to fresh beginnings, new resolutions, and fun, sparkly nails that you outshine everything else!
Show off your New Year's Party nails on Instagram and Tag @glitties for a chance to be featured!

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