How To Apply Gel Glitter/Rockstar Toes

Step 1

Push back cuticles and remove stubborn cuticle on all 10 toes. Prepare the natural nails by gently filing/sanding until the natural nail shine has been removed.  This will help the gel adhere to the natural nail.  Clean and remove dust and oil from the toenails.  Apply a gel-bonding agent to all 10 toenails.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of clear gel to first foot.  Make sure there is an even coat on all 5 toes.  Do not cure until application of glitter.

Step 3

Generously sprinkle Glitties glitter to cover the entire nail bed.  With your finger, gently push glitter into the gel.  Repeat the process until all 5 toes are complete.  Tap the top of your foot to shake off excess glitter.

Step 4

Place foot under lamp and cure for a minimum of 60 seconds. You can start the second foot with the same steps from preparation to application while the first foot is curing.

Step 5

After the first foot is cured, brush off the excess glitter with a manicure brush. Use your orange wood stick to clean around cuticle and sidewalls of your toenails.  Make sure there is an even coverage on the nail plates.  If you have any bare spots, or you desire your glitter color to be darker, repeats steps 3 and 4 to the entire nail.

Step 6

Apply a thin coat of clear gel on all toes and cure for 2 min. Repeat same procedure on the second foot.

Step 7

Apply a finishing UV topcoat on the first foot and cure for two minutes. Repeat the same step on the second foot.

Step 8

When both feet are completely cured, use your 240 file/buffer to remove any rough edges around the free edge. To condition the cuticle and skin around the nail bed, apply cuticle oil.

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