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Glitter Accents for Manicures

While a manicure with simple nude polish makes for a classy everyday look, a little glitter goes a long way in spicing things up! Some sparkle on your nails can compliment your party outfits and add some fun to your personality. ūüíĀ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Intricate nail art isn’t for everyone, and sometimes you just need some glam nails in a jiffy. Here are some simple glitter accents that anyone can use to add a little sparkle to their life ✨

Party Pop

This easy and simple idea by @Barbiinails can be pulled off by applying Glitties Chilean Sky over your painted french tips and finishing off with a top coat. You can recreate this exact look with inky blue nail tips over nude nails and then apply glitter. If you’re short on time and already have french tips, go ahead and apply the glitter over your existing manicure.

Oh My Heart

These flawless girly coffin nails by @thenailroom are a great reminder of how adorable pink nails are! Paint four nails pink and one white on each hand. Fill in a heart shape with Glitties Sweet Pea over the white nail to make it your accent nail. You may also draw a tiny heart over your pinkie nail for an additional touch of cuteness.

Mermaid Tales

Nail designer Zizi Torres has this stunning idea of using ocean blue glitter such as Glitties Blue Ice over two nails, the rest kept a nude-white ombre. Draw a white fish-scale pattern over one of the glitter nails to achieve the mermaid/fish tail look while adding some rhinestones over the center ones for extra bling.

Classy Chic

The color black is always in vogue whether it’s in outfits or manicures. Here’s a beautiful idea by @edipazur for a black-and-gold manicure to give the perfect classy finish to your evening outfit

Half the nails remain painted full black, one accent nail gets covered in off-gold glitter like Glitties Platinum, and a stripe of the plain glitter goes over the nude nail. The off-gold glitter here will make your manicure pop while black will tone down the overall look.

Pastel Shine

Those who love light, cool colors will love these nails by @ceciliarodrigueznails. It‚Äôs a simple enough DIY ‚Äď paint your nails with different shades of pastel polish like icy blue, powder pink, lavender, etc. Choose a single fingernail (preferably on your ring or index finger) to be your accent nail, and coat it entirely with glitter like Glitties Pink Salmon to finish off the look.

With the pastel shades giving off a soft vibe and the glitter adding a bit of flair, this versatile manicure can be rocked at everyday occasions as well as high-end parties.

Lavender Leaves

The elegance of simple leafy patterns combined with the combination of cool gray and lavender looks simple and doable while being pretty enough to complement your style. This manicure idea by @hammerandnails_ only requires some pastel gray polish on all nails and some lavender, glittery leaves done in a shade like Glitties Lavender Jewel.

Confetti Showers

Choose your favorite dark and light shades (preferably neutral) as your base polish and scatter some funky confetti glitter over the plain polished nails. This playful glitter mani by @harlowandco pulls it off beautifully with a chunky glitter like custom-mixed Glitties Peppermint Swirl. 

Ombre Accent

You can spice up any plain manicure by adding an ombré effect over a single accent nail on each hand. An even better idea is to follow this pretty mani by @modezignz and use glitters to create an ombre effect. Such an ombre with a contrast of teal and gold glitters can be best achieved by using Glitties Ocean Spray fine glitter powder, followed by Glitties Magical Mist fading into Glitties Gold Jewel. A single metallic nail on the side can also add pop t to the overall look.

Border Streak

We’ve all seen, loved, and at some point had, the classic french tip manicure, but why not turn the tables on it just this once? This game-changing design has been nailed (pun intended) by @tiptoenailstudio1 by adding a stylish streak of silver glitter near the root of the two center nails. This simple glitter accent can work wonders over plain nude polish or any color really!

Glitties Silver Jewel works great if you want to recreate this shade, but there are funkier and chunkier glitter options as well if you need something more showy.

White Hot

This artistic manicure by @barbiinails just goes to show how awesome differently done nails can look together. Setting the theme with hot pink and nude, do three nails in ombre pink, one transparent nail with Glitties Starry Night fading out below, and one triangular hot pink french tip done sharply over the middle fingernail. You can add a further finishing touch by including two or three rhinestones at the edge of a nail.

Of course, this look will require a professional unless you’re good at fine nail designs, but in the end it’ll be worth it!

Twinkling Tip

This minimalistic black french tip design by @refikaarsuell is complimented by the single accent nail with just a sprinkling of glitter concentrated at the tip, fading out below. Quick, easy, and fun, it’s a great way to add a festive look to your appearance or just some appeal to boring everyday outfits.

The Glitties Snow White hexagon glitter is semi-opaque and matches the accent nail in this look if you wish to create it exactly as it is.

Manicures Will Never Be the Same...

Now that you‚Äôve seen how much even a tiny bit of glitter can make a manicure pop, you won‚Äôt be wanting to switch back to your plain mani style anytime soon! Glitties has a range of glitters of different colors, shapes, and sizes so that you can almost always find the kind of glitter you‚Äôre looking for.

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