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It’s that time of the year when everyone must dress to impress and is any outfit really complete without nails to finish the look? Below are some inspiring ideas for the holidays. Consider these an assistant to your creativity this Holliday Season:

Instant Glitz

Many of us can get crazy busy around the holidays, and intricate nail art can not be on the list. This one is for such busy-bees and also beginners due to its sheer simplicity – nude nails with glitter concentrated at the tips, fading out below. While you may try it out with any glitter color, we recommend Glitties Hot Cinnamon Spice Custom Mix for the ultimate Christmassy look.

Pretty In Plaid

This is some intermediate-level nail art with next-level results. Paint plaid patterns with red, black, and white stripes over a pastel base color. Leave the center nail a plain red if you’re going for a chic look without being too showy. Alternately, you can spice it up with some Glitties Hot Cinnamon Spice Custom Mix.

Candy Canes

Show off your fun side and your love for the holidays with the classic red-and-white striped combo. If you’re not in the mood for the added work, even a single patterned nail among plain red polished ones can add a festive pop. Add glitter tips to the plain nails for extra flair.

Central Sparkle

Plain nail polish can be great for everyday wear, but a little shimmer goes a long way on special events. To save time, you can paint all your nails a single color and save the bling for the middle nail. Here you can add rhinestones, glitter, or a pattern. This gives a fun pop to otherwise sad-looking nail art.

Sapphires & Snowflakes

The overall result is regal for this one. Apply dark blue polish on all your nails. Stamp or draw snowflakes with white or silver polish on alternating nails, and swirl Glitties Starry Night silver glitter over the plain ones. You can create delicate designs in this step if you have a steady hand, or simply wing it by swooshes of glitter. Either way, blue and silver can never disappoint.

Holiday Drama

If you’re super enthusiastic and want to go all out, we have the perfect holiday nail idea. It looks better on longer nails since it’s a combination of three kinds of glitter packed on each nail. You can start the tip with Hot Cinnamon Spice, make it fade into Starry Night, and end with More the Merrier. This gives an overall ombre effect – red fading into silver, which changes to green at the end, all sparkling to show off your holiday spirit.

Unicorn Magic

Need a break from all the red, green, and gold? Holiday nail art doesn’t have to be only about these three colors! If you’re a fan of unicorn themes, pastel pinks and purples can be used to create beautiful party nails. Give an ombré effect for added beauty, and top off a nail or two with Glitties Sugar Plum to finish off the look.

Tips that Shine

Glitter french tips are all the rage this season, so add a neat border of Hot Cinnamon Spice a beautiful red glitter to the tips of your nails for sizzling hot results. The base of the nail stays either transparent or a nude pink shade.

Surprise Presents

The holidays are incomplete without colorful presents showing up everywhere, even on your nails! Paint a glitter base and draw two thin white stripes in cross form. Draw a small white bow where the stripes meet. You just got your holiday gift right on your hand.

Tips that Shine

‘Tis the season to be jolly, with glittery Christmas trees on your nails, perhaps? Paint the base of your nail with a light pastel color – pale pink, beige, or pale blue. Outline a geometric tree shape in black or white on your nail, and fill it in with Glitties More the Merrier. Add a small star from Glitties Starry Night on top, and marvel at your glittery green tree.

Icicle Borders

This one is another time-saving style with fabulous results. While plain nails can still rock an icicle border, dark painted nails can really bring out the beauty of this design. Frame either the top or bottom edges of your nails with Glitties Starry Night, and make the glitter ‘drip’ down in icicle fashion until it fades out near the center.

Bling it On

This is probably the fanciest nail on the list because it uses rhinestones along with glitter. A single vertical stripe of rhinestones, or just a small bunch at the nail end can look incredibly festive, especially with glittery nails on either side. You can freestyle it on your own or use an emerald green base topped alternately with rhinestones and Glitties More the Merrier for an ultra-modern appearance.

Mix ’em Up

Can’t choose from all these nail ideas for the holidays? Why not do multiple? The beauty of art often lies in asymmetry, and you can make each nail a different style for the ultimate holiday look. Perhaps do a candy cane on one nail, a present on the second, and icicles on the remaining. Experiment with different glitters and add a touch of rhinestones to create some amazing, original nail art.

Share the holiday nails you do this year and tag @glitties on Instagram for a chance to be featured! We can't wait to see the Christmas and New Year's nails you create!

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