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Solvent resistant glitter is almost always made from polyester film particles that can withstand solvents and high heat temperatures of 350 F / 177 C.  These glitters can be placed directly into nail lacquers / solvents without the color bleeding or glitter particles melting.  Solvent Resistant glitters are perfect for creating your own glitter nail polish, mixing with acrylics and gel, and many more glitter ideas!

A small amount glitter is soaked in MEK for 5 minutes.  If the glitter particles do not bleed color or melt /dissolve any, this glitter has passed the MEK test and is labeled as solvent resistant glitter.

Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) is a strong colorless liquid solvent that has a sharp, sweet odor.  Methyl ethyl ketone (also known as 2-butanone) is a man-made chemical that is also found in nature.  It is related to acetone and is used in dissolving paint, lacquer, varnishes and cleaning agent.

Yes!  All nail lacquers / solvent are not a like!  When creating glitter nail polish, suspension base polish is made specifically for glitter and is always the best choice.  Using a suspension base polish is the best way to avoid any incompatibility with solvent resistant glitters.  First time use with any new nail polish or glitter needs to be tested.  Testing can take up to 30 days to see if there is any color bleeding or dissolving of the glitter particles.

NOTE:  Glitties will not be responsible for the loss of materials or money as a result of combining our solvent resistant glitters with incompatible nail polish.  Please be sure to test!

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